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Diploma Printer DMP/ Deskjet / Laser/Scanner Troubleshooting & Repairing Syllabus

  1. What is Alternating Current (AC) & Direct Current (DC).
  2. Multimeters :- Type of Multimeter, Analogue Multimete, Digital Multimete, How can used of Multimete, What is Voltmeters, Ammeters, Galvanometers, Ohmmeters.
  3. Resistor :- Type of Resistor, Color Coding, Series, parallel, Type of Resistors, Carbon Resistor, Wire wound Resistor, SMT Resistor, Preset Resistor, Resistor Resting Method, Using MultiMate, SMT Resistor testing, SMT Resistor, Relationship between Resistor.
  4. capacitor :- Material in Capacitor, Electrolytic & Non electrolytic Capacitor,paper capacitor, Mica Capacitor ceramic capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, Variable capacitor, SMT Capacitor.
    1.Capacitor Checking Method-Normal
    2.Capacitor Checking Method-SMT,
  5. Inductor :- Type of Inductor- Checking Method-Normal
  6. Transformer :- Types of transformers -Step up Transformer Step Down Transformer, Center tapped transformer Multi output Transformer,testing of transformers primary Section Test, Secondary test, Ground test, Primary to Secondary. Open Transformer test
  7. Diode:- Forward Bios, Reverse Bios, Zener Diode Photo diode or Signal Diode
  8. Transistors:- Types of transistors Like (PNP,NPN) Checking of Normal Transistor, SMT Transistor (PNP,NPN)
  9. I.C-Integrated CHIP
  10. MOSFET :- Type of Mosfet, P-Type & N-Type Channel
  11. Bridge Rectifiers, Half Wave Rectifiers ,Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers

  12. **Printer DMP/ Deskjet / Laser/Scanner Troubleshooting & Repairing**

  13. What is printer, history of printer, Types of printer Types depend upon mechanism
  14. Input and output ports,types and its classification Dot matrix printer , mechanism, daisy wheel printer, chain printer, drum printer, printer head.
  15. Dot matrix printer block diagram and its working function
  16. Printer head problem and its trouble shootings
  17. printing mechanism of dot matrix power supply section, control section, processor section and trouble shootings
  18. Paper feeder section, stepper motors
  19. General trouble shootings, and assembling.
  20. How inkjet printer works, working block diagram of inkjet
  21. Ink jet nozzles and its function, Sensors and its function
  22. Decoder strip, stepper motor, control bus, pinch roller and its trouble shootings
  23. Catridge sensor, paper feeder sensor, door sensor and its trouble shootings
  24. General trouble shootings
  25. General trouble shootings and assembling
  26. What is laser printer, how laser works working block diagram of laser printer
  27. Laser circuit, how laser circuit works, And trouble shootings
  28. Toner catridge and its working, how to place the catridge about deflon drum
  29. Control unit, fusing unit, power unit and its trouble shootings
  30. Lens assembly, ram slots and usages USB related problem and trouble shootings
  31. General trouble shootings
  32. General trouble shootings and assembling
  33. Doubt clearence And final test
  34. Final Exam
3 Months
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