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Diploma Colour Monitor/ LCD Monitor /SMPS AT /ATX Troubleshooting & Repairing Syllabus

  • What is Alternating Current (AC) & Direct Current (DC).
  • Multimeters :- Type of Multimeter, Analogue Multimete, Digital Multimete, How can used of Multimete, What is Voltmeters, Ammeters, Galvanometers, Ohmmeters.
  • Resistor :- Type of Resistor, Color Coding, Series, parallel, Type of Resistors, Carbon Resistor, Wire wound Resistor, SMT Resistor, Preset Resistor, Resistor Resting Method, Using MultiMate, SMT Resistor testing, SMT Resistor, Relationship between Resistor.
  • capacitor :- Material in Capacitor, Electrolytic & Non electrolytic Capacitor,paper capacitor, Mica Capacitor ceramic capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, Variable capacitor, SMT Capacitor.
    1.Capacitor Checking Method-Normal
    2.Capacitor Checking Method-SMT,
  • Inductor :- Type of Inductor- Checking Method-Normal
  • Transformer :- Types of transformers -Step up Transformer Step Down Transformer, Center tapped transformer Multi output Transformer,testing of transformers primary Section Test, Secondary test, Ground test, Primary to Secondary. Open Transformer test
  • Diode:- Forward Bios, Reverse Bios, Zener Diode Photo diode or Signal Diode
  • Transistors:- Types of transistors Like (PNP,NPN) Checking of Normal Transistor, SMT Transistor (PNP,NPN)
  • I.C-Integrated CHIP
  • MOSFET :- Type of Mosfet, P-Type & N-Type Channel
  • Bridge Rectifiers, Half Wave Rectifiers ,Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers

  • **LCD Monitor Troubleshooting & Repairing**

  • What is LCD?-What is TFT?-Difference between LCD & TFT-Display Standards & Resolution
  • Type of LCD Display-Active & Passive Matrix Display- LCD Features & Attributes -Advantages of LCD
  • What is Invertor? TFT Invertor Architecture
  • TFT invertor Trouble Shooting
  • Block Diagram of TFT?
  • TFT functional Diagram
  • TFT Monitor Invertor Cricuit Description
  • Section of TFT monitor- 3.3v Regulated Sectiojn - 3.3v Controller Section - Keyboard Section - Memory Section
  • Reset Controller Section - VGA Controller - Monitor Controller - Power Indicator Section
  • VGA Pin Details
  • Trouble Shootings
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