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Diploma In Laptop Troubleshooting & Repairing Syllabus

  • What is Alternating Current (AC) & Direct Current (DC).
  • Multimeters :- Type of Multimeter, Analogue Multimete, Digital Multimete, How can used of Multimete, What is Voltmeters, Ammeters, Galvanometers, Ohmmeters.
  • Resistor :- Type of Resistor, Color Coding, Series, parallel, Type of Resistors, Carbon Resistor, Wire wound Resistor, SMT Resistor, Preset Resistor, Resistor Resting Method, Using MultiMate, SMT Resistor testing, SMT Resistor, Relationship between Resistor.
  • capacitor :- Material in Capacitor, Electrolytic & Non electrolytic Capacitor,paper capacitor, Mica Capacitor ceramic capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, Variable capacitor, SMT Capacitor.
    1.Capacitor Checking Method-Normal
    2.Capacitor Checking Method-SMT,
  • Inductor :- Type of Inductor- Checking Method-Normal
  • Transformer :- Types of transformers -Step up Transformer Step Down Transformer, Center tapped transformer Multi output Transformer,testing of transformers primary Section Test, Secondary test, Ground test, Primary to Secondary. Open Transformer test
  • Diode:- Forward Bios, Reverse Bios, Zener Diode Photo diode or Signal Diode
  • Transistors:- Types of transistors Like (PNP,NPN) Checking of Normal Transistor, SMT Transistor (PNP,NPN)
  • I.C-Integrated CHIP
  • MOSFET :- Type of Mosfet, P-Type & N-Type Channel
  • Bridge Rectifiers, Half Wave Rectifiers ,Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers

  • **Laptop Troubleshooting & Repairing**

  • Battery Problems,
  • a:- Not Booting,
  • b:- No charging,
  • c:- Less battery backup,
  • Adapter Problems,
  • a:- No Output,
  • b:- Intermediate O/P,
  • c:- Low Output,
  • Keypad Problems,
  • a:- Particuar Key Not Working,
  • b:- ALL Keys Not Working
  • Touch pad/Pointers Not Working,
  • Sound Not Working
  • a:- No Sound,
  • b:- Intermediate Sound,
  • c:- Low Sound
  • Mic Not Working,
  • USB Not Working,
  • Power Connector Not Working,
  • PCMCIA Card Not Working
  • Ethernet Port Not Working,
  • Mouse (Internal) Not Working
  • Docking Station Not Working,
  • On/Off Switch Problems
  • CD/DVD Related Problems,
  • a:- Eject Problems,
  • b:- Tray Wont Eject,
  • c:- Every 10 Mts Automatically Eject
  • d:- Lens Not reading,
  • Floppy Drive not working
  • Over Heat problems,
  • Lock Problems,
  • Backup Related Problems.
  • Warranty related Problems.
  • Data Recovery problems
  • Hinge problems,
  • Broken Problems
  • Handling problems,
  • Upgradation problems
  • Inner Noise problems,
  • RAM Related Problems
  • Hard Disk Related Problems,
  • Not Booting/Dead set Problems
  • Intermediate Booting Problems,
  • When Working, Immediately Off
  • Charging Problems,
  • Dust Problems,
  • CMOS Related Problems
  • a:- CMOS battery Problems,
  • b:- CMOS Checksum Problems,
  • c:- Hard disk Not detect Problem (CMOS),
  • d:- Date & Time Not Set,
  • e:- CMOS Setting Not Save Problems,
  • f:- Clock IC Problems,
  • Bios Error Codes
  • a:- Direct Error Display,
  • b:- Code No. display,
  • c:- Password Related Problems
  • Processor Related Problems
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Not Working,
  • Power On-Immediately Processor Fan Off,
  • LCD Related Problems,
  • a:- No Display-Light Ok
  • b:- Intermediate Display,
  • c:- No Display-No Light
  • d:- Scrambled Display,
  • e:- Black & White Display
  • f:- LCD Changing Problems,
  • g:- Loose Contact Problems
  • h:- Dull Display,
  • OS Related Problems
  • Water Damage,
  • Hanging Problems
  • Laptop Dead Problems,
  • Motherboard Problems
  • Block diagram & Motherboard Pictures
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